Big Fish Theory – Vince Staples – 8.5

1. Crabs In A Bucket – 8
2. Big Fish – 8.5
3. Alyssa Interlude – 6
4. Love Can Be… – 8.4
5. 745 – 8
6. Ramona Park Is Yankee Stadium -N/A
7. Yeah Right – 9.3
8. Homage – 8.2
9. Samo – 8.5
10. Party People – 8.1
11. BagBak – 8.7
12. Rain Come Down – 8.6

Vince Staples has always been one artist that I don’t usually listen to but have always wanted to. Thanks to @straight_hip.hop for the request to review Big Fish Theory. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by this album. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the unique production which I think was an incredible part of the entire album. I love the electronic and futuristic vibe of the production throughout the album. Vince’s flow is impressive, his lyrics are okay and the features are strong, but a special shout out is needed for Kendrick who absolutely murders Yeah Right and blows Vince out of the pond. But we all know there’s no shame at all in getting bodied by K Dot on your own track. I love the energy of this album and it has a really nice energy in almost every track. Overall this is a very cool album that I wholeheartedly enjoyed listening to that I will definitely be listening to more in the future as well as exploring more of Vince’s music. Thanks again to @straight_hip.hop who asked for the request. If you want me to review an album just hit me up in the DM’s anytime.