The Life Of Pablo – Kanye West – 8.5

1. Ultralight Bam – 8.5
2. Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 – 8.3
3. Pt. 2 – 8
4. Famous – 8.8
5. Feedback – 7.9
6. Low lights – N/A
7. Highlights – 8.4
8. Freestyle 4 – 8
9. I love Kanye – N/A
10. Waves – 8.2
11. FML – 8.1
12. Real friends – 8.4
13. Wolves – 8.7
14. Frank’s track – N/A
15. Silver Surfer interlude- N/A
16. 30 hours – 8.3
17. No more parties in LA – 8.9
18. Facts – 8.4
19. Fade – 8.6
20. Saint Pablo – 8.5

The hype for this album before it was released was about as real as it gets. Did all that hype pay off? Ehhh kinda. The Life Of Pablo is a bit messy and has made me change my opinions on it more times than I can remember. It probably belongs towards the bottom of the all time best Kanye albums list. That’s not to say that Pablo is a bad album by any means, it’s just disjointed and not as cohesive and substantial as other Kanye album. Pablo still has some excellent songs such as Famous, Wolves and No More Parties In LA where Kanye goes bar for bar with Kendrick Lamar in a track that showcases some of the best lyricism we have seen from Kanye. It goes without saying that Kendrick was also excellent on this song. Another point I want to make is that Kanye knows how to get the best out of his guest artists, such as Chance the Rapper, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Rihanna and Sia. Each guest sounds completely at home on this album and comfortable with their role alongside Kanye. The only real issue with Pablo as well as the lack of cohesion is that there are no real classic tracks in it that would be considered as one of Kanye’s best songs. Overall this is a good if not disappointing one by Kanye standards album that is an enjoyable listen with some nice tracks, but should not be considered as one of the great albums.