Rodeo – Travis Scott – 9.1

1. Pornography – 9
2. Oh my dis side – 9.3
3. 3500 – 9.4
4. Wasted – 8.6
5. 90210 – 9.7
6. Pray 4 love – 8.8
7. Nightcrawler – 9.5
8. Piss on your grave – 9
9. Antidote – 9.2
10. Impossible – 8.1
11. Maria I’m drunk – 9.3
12. Flying high – 6.5
13. I can tell – 6.8
14. Apple pie – 8
15. Ok alright – 8.2
16. Never catch me – 8.3

I’ve been so excited to write this review. Rodeo is one of my favourite albums ever. I only started listening to Travis Scott a few months before Rodeo came out, mostly Days Before Rodeo which is awesome. After listening to it non stop and when 3500 dropped, I was so ready for Rodeo to drop. I was so excited that I went out into town and bought the CD on the day it came out which is something I don’t usually do. Rodeo is a superb studio debut from Trav with plenty of crazy beats, but what is more impressive is that he also has the lyrics to go with the beats as well as an excellent use of auto-tune. There’s a lot of really good features in Rodeo but none of them take the shine away from Trav. There are some very special songs on Rodeo like Oh My Dis Side with the perfect Quavo and Trav collaboration, 90210 which is my favourite Travis Scott song, Nightcrawler with Swae Lee and Chief Keef and Maria I’m Drunk with Young Thug and Justin Bieber. The last few songs in the album just loses the hype that is continuously present throughout the start and middle of the album but are still nice songs. Overall, this is one of my favourite albums ever and my favourite Travis Scott project. This is the level of quality that Astroworld should be and all other Trav albums.