Recovery – Eminem – 7.2

1. Cold wind blows – 8
2. Talkin 2 myself – 7.3
3. On fire – 6.9
4. Won’t back down – 6.7
5. WTP – 8.1
6. Going through changes – 6.5
7. Not afraid – 8.6
8. Seduction – 6.4
9. No love – 8.3
10. Space bound – 7.7
11. Cinderella man – 8.3
12. 25 to life – 6.3
13. So bad – 7.4
14. Almost famous – 6.9
15. Love the way you lie – 7.9
16. You’re never over – 6.8
17. Untitled – 7

I feel like throughout Recovery, Eminem was trying to play it safe. Not do anything too outrageous like those questionable accents used in Relapse. Just make some tracks with a couple verses and a catchy pop hook and act like Encore and Relapse never happened. Now this formula may work for some Eminem fans but for me it just gets boring after a while. This is my main problem with Recovery is with the album as a whole not with individual songs or factors in it. Regarding the tracks, there’s a 50/50 balance of good songs and not so good songs that imo when you listen through the album, it goes bad song, good song, bad song, good song and so on. I would say this album is an example of style over substance but with very little style or the usual classic Eminem story telling or emotion, this album doesn’t give me the same feelings of excitement and joy of listening to early Em albums. It may feel like I’m shitting all over this album but I do like some songs on it like Cold Wind Blows, WTP, Not Afraid, No Love and Cinderella Man. But with regards to the rest of the album it just doesn’t fit well with me but I do understand how some Em stans love it. Overall, this is a disappointing album from sober Em imo that isn’t nearly as enjoyable as the craziness of Relapse or as interesting as any previous Em albums, yet still contains some nice songs with some brilliant verses from Eminem.