My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West – 9.7

1. Dark fantasy – 9
2. Gorgeous – 9.3
3. Power – 9.2
4. All of the lights (interlude) – N/A
5. All of the lights – 10
6. Monster – 9.5
7. So appalled – 9.4
8. Devil in a new dress – 10
9. Runaway – 10
10. Hell of a life – 8.9
11. Blame game – 8.8
12. Lost in the world – 9.4
13. Who will survive in America – N/A

It’s only right that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is recognised as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. That’s because it is. An absolute diamond piece of work which shows just what Kanye is capable of. Honestly, each song is special for different reasons. All Of The Lights, Runaway and Devil In A New Dress are all masterpieces. In my opinion MBDTF is one of Kanye’s best lyrical albums, songs like Gorgeous and So Appalled are lyrically incredible. Although some may love it, I find Chris Rock’s monologue at the end of Blame Game really cringey and unnecessary. But that’s a minor issue with an album that is anything but unnecessary. MBDTF also has some very solid guest features, nothing needs to be said about the features on Monster because that’s been covered too much. But Pusha T’s verse in Runaway and Rick Ross’ in Devil In A New Dress both add something extra to a pair of already perfect songs. Overall, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of the greatest albums of all time in any genre with incredible lyrics and some beautiful production.