Daytona – Pusha T – 9.2

1. If You Know You Know – 9.2
2. The Games We Play – 9.1
3. Hard Piano – 9.3
4. Come Back Baby – 9.2
5. Santeria – 9.4
6. What Would Meek Do? – 9
7. Infrared – 9.1

Pusha T has been one of my favourite artists for a long time. He’s been consistently excellent for years now and is in my opinion the most underrated rap artist. There’s a lot of things I love about Pusha T’s music but what I love more is I like him as a person. He seems so humble, happy and cool all at the same time. With regards to this new album, I’ve been waiting patiently for ages. When I found out that it will only be 7 songs in length I was slightly disappointed but when it’s Pusha T with Kanye on production, I should have known that there would be no issues. And because there is only 7 songs, there is absolutely no filler anywhere in the album. There are some excellent samples that Ye and Push have found for the album. Push’s flow is on point as it usually is. Lyrically Push has been better than most for a long time and there’s no change here. Rick Ross’ verse is good and fits well and Push’s chemistry with Ye is showcased on the track What Would Meek Do? It may only be 21 minutes long but when it’s 21 minutes of Pusha T effortlessly rapping over incredible samples produced by Kanye West, it makes it a very special 21 minutes. Daytona is the first of Kanye’s Wyoming albums and is already a serious album of the year contender. And that only gives me hope for the rest of the albums currently being made in Wyoming and coming out in the next few weeks. What’s your favourite track on Daytona?