Days Before Rodeo – Travis Scott – 8.6

1. The Prayer – 8.8
2. Mamacita – 9.3
3. Quintana Pt.2 – 8.9
4. Drugs You Should Try – 9.6
5. Don’t Play – 8.6
6. Skyfall – 8.7
7. Zombies – 8.5
8. Sloppy Toppy – 8.2
9. Basement Freestyle – 8.1
10. Backyard – 8
11. Grey – 8.4
12. Bacc – 8

Days Before Rodeo, Travis Scott’s second mixtape, was the first time I had heard a full Trav release after falling in love with the song 3500 before studio debut album Rodeo dropped. This is a really awesome mixtape. Yet another prime example of La Flame’s expertise in making amazing beats and using his unique voice to create some really memorable songs. It starts off with The Prayer, a really cool opener that is eerie and haunting with some awesome rapping from Trav. Next is Mamacita featuring Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan. I absolutely love this song and had it on repeat for months back in 2015. Thugger’s verse is awesome and Quan does okay on the chorus. The next 4 tracks are all high quality but a special shout out is needed for Drugs You Should Try for being one of the best Travis Scott songs ever. For me, the rest of the tape after Sloppy Toppy just loses that bit of quality and excitement that the first half of the tape had so much of. Overall this is a stunning mixtape that showcases many of Travis Scott’s qualities as an artist and producer, but fades towards the end.