DAMN – Kendrick Lamar – 9.3

1. BLOOD. – N/A
2. DNA. – 9.8
3. YAH. – 8.7
4. ELEMENT. – 9.4
5. FEEL. – 9.4
6. LOYALTY. – 9
7. PRIDE. – 9
8. HUMBLE. – 9.1
9. LUST. – 9.1
10. LOVE. – 9.3
11. XXX. – 9.5
12. FEAR. – 9.4
13. GOD. – 9.3
14. DUCKWORTH. – 9.5

It may not be as captivating as Good Kid Maad City, or as powerful as To Pimp A Butterfly, but DAMN is still yet another piece of excellence from Kendrick Lamar. With a more mainstream sound and without an overriding theme like in GKMC and in TPAB, DAMN gives a more relaxed and open feel to it, as if Kendrick can say or do whatever he wants. This may not impress some fans but we should all know that K Dot is more than capable of bringing the heat when it’s needed. There’s a nice mix of different sounds in DAMN from headbangers like DNA and HUMBLE as well as a more chilled out vibe from YAH, LUST, and LOVE. DUCKWORTH still showcases Kendrick’s legendary storytelling skills and LOYALTY and LOVE continues to prove he can make some decent radio tracks. Overall, it’s understandable why DAMN is considered as Kendrick’s weakest album, but coming from such a master, this may be the best weakest album from absolutely anyone.