Culture – Migos – 8.3

1. Culture – 8.2
2. T-Shirt – 8.5
3. Call Casting – 8.1
4. Bad And Boujee – 8.8
5. Get Right Witcha -8.5
6. Slippery – 8.8
7. Big On Big – 8.3
8. What The Price – 7.8
9. Brown Paper Bag – 7.7
10. Deadz – 8.6
11. All Ass – 8.2
12. Kelly Price – 8.4
13. Out Yo Way – 8

For me, Culture is the point where the trap group Migos really came into their own as a serious force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Culture is a very solid and mature piece of work that is low key brilliant and plays to each of the trio’s strengths. It’s not perfect but it is very enjoyable. There are some really good songs on Culture such as T-Shirt, Bad And Boujee and Slippery. And there are some tracks that just don’t hit it with me musically and can be a bit boring like What The Price and Brown Paper Bag. Lyrically, there is very little substance here but who listens to a Migos project for deep and meaningful lyrics?The features are good for the most part, DJ Khaled brings his usual catchphrases to album opener Culture. Lil Uzi Vert has an acceptable verse on Bad And Boujee. 2 Chainz has a good but short verse on Deadz. Gucci Mane doesn’t add much to an already fantastic song in Slippery but it’s okay, and Travis Scott adds to the laid back vibe on Kelly Price. Overall, Culture is a big step forward in Migos’ career that showcases Quavo’s, Takeoff and Offset’s each individual talents.