Blonde – Frank Ocean – 9

1. Nikes – 8.6
2. Ivy – 8.7
3. Pink + White – 9.4
4. Be Yourself – N/A
5. Solo – 9
6. Skyline To – 8.5
7. Self Control – 8.6
8. Good Guy – 7.5
9. Nights – 9.3
10. Solo (Reprise) – 8.3
11. Pretty Sweet – 7.9
12. Facebook Story – N/A
13. Close To You – 8
14. White Ferrari – 9
15. Seigfried – 8.8
16. Godspeed – 8.6
17. Futura Free – 9.2

Now that the reviews of my CD collection are over. I’ll now be moving on to reviewing different albums. The first one is a request from @dominickesslr of Frank Ocean’s Blonde album. Now if I’m being perfectly honest, I hadn’t listened to either Blonde or Channel Orange before listening to this for the first time. I’d only heard Frank Ocean as a feature artist. So in a way I had a small expectation of what the album would be like but not a full idea. This is a really nice album, Frank Ocean is one of the best singer songwriters out right now without a doubt. And it’s quite clear that a lot of thought and emotions were poured into this album which Frank vocalises masterfully. Overall, while I’m not a huge fan of this style of music, I can’t deny that for certain times and situations, Blonde is a superbly produced and delivered album that is just a treat for the ears. Thanks to @dominickesslr for the request. If anyone thinks my ratings are too low or wrong somehow just remember that I’m don’t listen to this genre a lot and it’s just my opinion.