4:44 – Jay Z – 8.7

1. Kill Jay Z – 8.7
2. The Story Of OJ – 9.4
3. Smile – 9
4. Caught Their Eyes – 8.9
5. 4:44 – 8.9
6. Family Feud – 8.8
7. Bam – 8.2
8. Moonlight – 8.4
9. Marcy Me – 8.7
10. Legacy – 8.5

As the album cover says, 4:44 is Jay Z’s 13th studio album. It is also one of his most personal and lowkey albums. And if you don’t know already, this album focuses a lot of Jay’s personal life, his marriage, his mother’s sexuality, his children etc. Because of this, 4:44 is very different to his last album Magna Carta Holy Grail, not just in terms of themes but also in how the album sounds. On this album, the production seems to be more of a style that Jay is comfortable with, which gives the impression that he is more connected to this than he was on Magna Carta. It’s like Jay knew exactly what he wanted to do and made the whole thing his own. I wouldn’t call 4:44 a traditional rap album because it has a lot of different jazz style sounds to it which make for a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. The first half of the album is better than the first half. Songs like Kill Jay Z and 4:44 sound like Jay is hurt by his actions and how his actions have hurt the ones around him that he loves the most. Smile is a very sweet song dedicated to his mother and his love for her when she told Jay that she was gay and was in love with her partner. Jay’s happiness that his mother is finally happy with who she is and has someone she loves is a very special thing and just adds to the albums heart. Overall, this is a very special release from Jay Z that is more fitted to him than previous releases but just drops a bit of quality towards the end.