Watch The Throne – Jay Z & Kanye West – 8.8

1. No church in the wild – 10
2. Lift off – 8.1
3. N*ggas in Paris – 8.9
4. Otis – 9.5
5. Gotta have it – 8.9
6. New day – 8.8
7. That’s my bitch – 8.8
8. Welcome to the jungle – 8.6
9. Who gon stop me – 9
10. Murder to excellence – 8.7
11. Made in America – 8.4
12. Why I love you – 8.8

This is an amazing album. One that humanity should be grateful for having. Two of the greatest rap artists of all time joining forces to deliver an absolute diamond of an album. Both Jay and Kanye brought their A game here for this and it shows throughout the album. There aren’t many albums that I’ve listened to that start off with a more perfect opener than No Church in the Wild. Followed by a great Beyoncé feature in Lift off, club classic Paris which has now earned legendary status and a continuous run of very good songs that have an amazing replay value for any kind of mood. I think it is also fair to say that this is one of the rare albums that keeps its high quality consistently, which kind of shows because my highest rated song is 10 and lowest is 8.1, instead of having a mix of a couple amazing songs and a few average songs. Each track is of high quality which isn’t seen enough for me nowadays on rap albums.