The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem – 9.4

1. Public service announcement- N/A
2. Kill you – 9.1
3. Stan – 9.5
4. Paul – N/A
5. Who knew – 9
6. Steve Berman – N/A
7. The way I am – 10
8. The real slim shady – 9.4
9. Remember me – 9.3
10. I’m back – 9
11. Marshall Mathers – 8.9
12. Ken Kaniff – N/A
13. Drug Ballad – 8.8
14. Amityville – 8.8
15. Bitch please 2 – 8.9
16. Kim – 9
17. Under the influence – 8.6
18. Criminal – 8.7
19. The kids – 8.4

One of the hardest decisions relating to this page is which is the best Eminem album? The Slim Shady LP or The Marshall Mathers LP? It honestly couldn’t get any closer but after a long deliberation I think that The Marshall Mathers LP JUST tops it. On MMLP it’s literally like classic after classic. Songs like Stan, The Way I Am and The Real Slim Shady can and probably should be in anyone’s top 10 Em songs. But even the rest of the tracks on this album are all amazing tracks. There’s a few songs on MMLP such as Stan, Amityville, Remember Me and Kim that made me go say WOW out loud and that’s very rare. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this album. This is the definitive Eminem album and perfectly portrays how Eminem should sound. Personal, scary and hilarious all in 1 album. As I mentioned in my SSLP review, the only downside is the amount of short skits in between the tracks but that’s a minor thing. Overall this is my favourite Eminem album as well as his best piece of work and sits nicely in my top 5 albums of all time.