The Marshall Mathers LP 2

1. Bad guy – 9
2. Parking lot – N/A
3. Rhyme or reason – 8.6
4. So much better – 5
5. Survival – 6.4
6. Legacy – 7
7. Asshole – 6.9
8. Berzerk – 7.6
9. Rap god – 9.3
10. Brainless – 7.8
11. Stronger than I was – 6.7
12. The monster – 7.9
13. So far – 8.3
14. Love game – 8.4
15. Headlights – 7.3
16. Evil Twin – 9.5

A mixed bag. This album is the definition of a mixed bag. A few amazing songs (Bad Guy, Rap God, Evil Twin) a few not so great songs (So Much Better, Survival, Stonger Than I Was) and the rest being average. I was so excited for this album before it came out because I am a big Eminem fan, however it is clear now that no Em album will ever reach the peak of The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP. But that doesn’t mean Em cannot release a decent album, which is what MMLP2 is, decent but not great. The best tracks in this album are spread out nicely, the opener Bad Guy, Rap God in the middle and Evil Twin to finish, which is now one of my favourite Eminem songs. Not a lot can be said for the rest of the album apart from the word average. Overall this is a solid effort from Eminem after the mainstream slog of an album called Recovery. In the majority of people’s (and my) list of best Eminem albums, MMLP2 will sit nicely in the middle. P.S Rhyme or Reason has one