Thank Me Later – Drake – 8.2

1. Fireworks – 7.5
2. Karaoke – 7
3. The resistance – 7.8
4. Over – 8.5
5. Show me a good time – 7.8
6. Up all night – 8.6
7. Fancy – 8
8. Shut it down – 7.8
9. Unforgettable- 8.1
10. Light up – 8.5
11. Miss me – 8.7
12. Find your love – 8.6
13. Cece’s interlude – 6.9
14. Thank me now – 7.6
15. Best I ever had – 8.4
16. 9am in Dallas – 8.3

Drake’s first studio album. Just like Take Care, this album is one of my ultimate nostalgia albums that takes me back to my early high school days. This album first introduced me to Drake and it’s a nice album that introduces audiences to Drake’s singing ability and rap flow. The highlights of the album are songs we all know, Over, Up All Night, Find Your Love, Miss Me and Best I Ever Had. This album has some really great features as well such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Jay Z. With such big name features, Drake does well not to get overshadowed by them and manages to keep up with them well. Only negatives I can think of are that some of the songs can become quite boring and sound similar but there are enough strong tracks in the album to keep it exciting. Overall this is a nice debut album from Drake that placed the Canadian rapper as one of the hottest artists around.