Tha Carter 4 – Lil Wayne – 7.9

1. Intro – 7.3
2. Blunt Blowin – 7.6
3. Megaman – 7.8
4. 6 foot 7 foot – 8.7
5. Nightmares of the bottom – 7.5
6. She will – 8.6
7. How to hate – 7.8
8. Interlude – 7.5
9. John – 9.1
10. Abortion – 7.1
11. So special – 7
12. How to love – 8
13. President Carter – 7.4
14. It’s good – 7.6
15. Outro – 7.7

There’s only a handful of albums out now that have made me change my opinion on them more times than I can remember. Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV is one of them. This album has made me go ‘oh this is sick’ to ‘wow this is a bit shit’ to ‘this is okay’. I bought this album as soon as it came out and have listened to it a lot, so all these changes of opinions have been around since 2011, so a long time. It would be fair to say as well that some other Wayne releases (mostly I Am Not A Human Being 2) have influenced my opinions on Tha Carter IV. Focusing now on the high points of the album, songs such as 6 Foot 7 Foot, She Will with Drake and John with Rick Ross show that Wayne still can release a few bangers. Unfortunately though, the rest of the album is just forgettable and sub-standard Lil Wayne songs, they’re okay, each songs has its moments, but have no real replay value. Overall this is a good if yet opinion dividing album from Lil Wayne with a few bangers and no real bad songs. This should really be the benchmark for quality of a Lil Wayne album.