Relapse – Eminem – 7.6

1. Dr West – N/A
2. 3AM – 7.3
3. My Mom – 7.1
4. Insane – 6.5
5. Bagpipes from Baghdad 6
6. Hello – 7.9
7. Tonya – N/A
8. Same song and dance – 7.8
9. We made you – 7.4
10. Medicine ball – 8
11. Paul – N/A
12. Stay wide awake – 7.2
13. Old times sake – 7.6
14. Must be the ganja – 7.5
15. Mr Mathers – N/A
16. Deja Vu – 8.5
17. Beautiful – 8.8
18. Crack a bottle – 8.1
19. Steve Berman – N/A
20. Underground – 8.2

Not only is Relapse the most opinion splitting Eminem album, but it’s also one of the most difficult albums I’ve had to rate and review, as a album on the whole and each individual song. Relapse has been commented on a lot, even from Eminem himself saying what was wrong with Relapse. You’ll probably know by now that Em was going through withdrawal symptoms whilst making this album so his mind wasn’t as sharp as usual, which could really explain the songs like 3AM, My Mom and Must Be The Ganja. Which are acceptable songs, just not the usual Eminem standard. The album has a sloppy start but grows to a strong finish with songs like Deja Vu, Beautiful and Crack a Bottle with Dr Dre and 50 Cent. This album has its own unique sound with Em attempting a number of questionable accents in some songs which is quite possibly the reason why Relapse isn’t a hit with all Em fans. As usual with Eminem albums he tackles a number of personal issues, predominantly his drug abuse, his fathering problems and mental illness. Overall this is a good but not great album from Eminem at an important time in his life getting clean from drugs. If the main issue with this album is that Em was having withdrawal symptoms during the making of Relapse, it’s just makes you think, maybe the release of the album could have been put back and more time gone into it to make it a better album.