Mastermind – Rick Ross – 8.2

1. Intro – N/A
2. Rich is Gangsta – 8.5
3. Drug dealers dream – 8.4
4. Shots fired – N/A
5. Nobody – 8.3
6. The devil is a lie – 8.4
7. Mafia music 3 – 8.3
8. War ready – 8.6
9. What a shame – 7.9
10. Supreme – 8
11. Blk & wht – 8.1
12. Dope bitch skit – N/A
13. In vein – 8
14. Sanctified – 8.5
15. Walkin on air – 8.3
16. Thug cry – 8.4
17. Blessing in disguise – 8.1
18. Paradise lost – 7.9
19. You know I got it – 8.2

I understand how Rick Ross splits opinions with a lot of people not liking him and saying his music and his personality is fake. At the end of the day, I review the music, which is why I really like this album Mastermind. The album starts out strong with about 6 songs that slap harder than Thanos’ gauntlet hand. There are plenty of guest verses in Mastermind from artists such as Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Meek Mill and The Weeknd. These songs are some of the best on the album but mainly because their guests take over from Ross and make him a passenger in his own album almost. However Ross does shine in big tracks such as Rich is Gangsta and Drug Dealers Dream. Mastermind has a nice mix of turn up tracks like Walkin on Air, The Devil is a Lie and my favourite track War Ready. As well as really cool chilled songs like Sanctified and Mafia Music 3. Overall, this is a solid album from Rick Ross that shines when his guests all bring their A games, but when Ross fires back with some fantastic verses of his own, it makes Mastermind all the more better.