Magna Carta, Holy Grail – Jay Z – 7.9

1. Holy grail – 7.8
2. Picasso baby – 7.7
3. Tom Ford – 7.6
4. Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit – 8.4
5. Oceans – 8.5
6. FUTW – 7.1
7. Somewhere in America – 7
8. Crown – 7.6
9. Heaven – 8.2
10. Versus – N/A
11. Part 2 (on the run) – 8.4
12. Beach is better – N/A
13. BBC – 8
14. Jay Z Blue – 7.9
15. La familia – 8
16. Nickels and dimes – 8

After a 4 year wait following the release of The Blueprint 3, the hype for Jay Z’s next studio album Magna Carta Holy Grail was real. But did that hype pay off? Well, kinda. It’s not a classic, but it’s not bad either by any means. It’s a sub standard Jay Z album but a good hip hop album. Starting off with the main single and first song on the album, Holy Grail. It welcomes a catchy hook from Justin Timberlake as well as a fast delivery of verses from Hov. However the song itself just got boring for me after a few listens and turned into a skipable track, which is a shame given that it’s the first track on the album. The rest of the album offers up some really cool upbeat tracks with some crazy beats and some very good features, but there are some others that are just very average and forgettable, which really take away from the positives Magna Carta has to offer. While it was great to get a full Jay Z album out again, there is a feeling throughout this album that he can do better. Overall, this is an enjoyable album with Jay Z and friends rapping over some distinctive beats but just gets plagued with the occasional sub par track that damages what could have been a great album.