King, Vol 1: Knowledge is never granted – @f5chicago – 7.8

1. Welcome intro – N/A
2. Casa Blanca – 8.3
3. King – 8.5
4. Right now – 8.1
5. Middle man – 7.8
6. Chicago love me – 7.9
7. Over time – 8
8. Designer – 7.9
9. Dat ain’t me – 7.5
10. Still sippin – 7.3
11. How it goes – 7.4
12. Emerald – 7
13. Better than ever – 7.6
14. Nightstand – 7.7
15. Destiny – 7.4
16. Bye – 7.8

This is my first album request to review. Requested by F5Chicago. I’d never heard of him or any of his music before so I didn’t know what to expect from his album. After listening to it a few times now I can safely say I liked what I heard and very glad I found out about this album. The guy has some serious bars along with some really cool beats and a great voice and flow, all of which added to my enjoyment of listening to the album. Knowledge is never granted has a strong start, tracks 2 and 3 Casa Blanca and King start out the album very lit and are my favourite tracks on the whole album. The second half of the album starts to blend in together and so none of the songs past the half way point really stand out to me, but they’re not bad at all. There is a good balance of chillness and litness in this album which is ideal. Overall this is a solid introduction to @f5chicago and his style of music which I enjoyed. Go check him out