Hood Billionaire – Rick Ross – 7.4

1. Intro – N/A
2. Hood Billionaire – 8
3. Coke like the 80’s – 7.4
4. Heavyweight – 7
5. Neighbourhood drug dealer – 7.6
6. Phone tap – 6.8
7. Trap luv – 7.5
8. Elvis Presley Blvd – 7.8
9. Movin bass – 8
10. If they knew – 6.7
11. Quintessential – 7.9
12. Keep doin that – 6.5
13. Nickel rock – 6.6
14. Burn – 7.1
15. Family ties – 7.3
16. Brimstone – 7.5
17. Wuzzup – 7.8
18. Headache – 7.9

The 7th studio album from the Boss. I know Rick Ross splits opinions and this review may be a bit of a surprise but I must admit I do enjoy listening to his music. He’s not the best around and his music style is pretty simplistic and consistent but I’ll always check out his albums. Hood Billionaire came off the back of Mastermind which was a solid release, and an album that I will be reviewing in the future. So I was pretty optimistic about Hood Billionaire, but listening through it, there wasn’t enough in there that kept me that interested in it. There are some decent tracks such as Hood Billionaire and Movin Bass, but the latter, even though Jay Z returns for another Ross feature just doesn’t bring enough energy to make it a special song like The Devil is a Lie from Mastermind. The rest of the album is average and just instantly forgettable, they’re okay for a couple listens but after that there’s just nothing worthwhile in this album. Overall this is a pretty forgettable and average album from an artist that has proven in the past that he is capable of doing better.