Graduation – Kanye West – 8.2

1. Good morning – 8.4
2. Champion – 6.9
3. Stronger – 9.6
4. I wonder – 5.4
5. Good life – 8.8
6. Can’t tell me nothing – 8.9
7. Barry bonds – 7.8
8. Drunk and hot girls – 7
9. Flashing lights – 8.4
10. Everything I am – 7.3
11. The glory – 7.8
12. Homecoming – 7.9
13. Big brother – 8.5
14. Good night – 7.1

Kanye’s “middle” album. Not his best, not his worst. But with some absolute bangers, and the fact that it’s a Kanye album, makes Graduation a really fun and enjoyable addition to the Kanye West discography. The standout tracks speak for themselves, Stronger, Good Life and Can’t Tell Me Nothing are all familiar songs in a Kanye playlist. But aside from those famous songs, Graduation holds some absolute diamonds such as Good Morning, Flashing Lights and Big Brother. Only issue I have with this album is that in my opinion there are a couple songs that I’m not a fan of like Champion and I Wonder but that doesn’t really take away from the greatness of the rest of Graduation. Overall, Graduation sits nicely in the middle of best Kanye albums imo. A good album with some real classic tracks but as a collective album, Graduation doesn’t beat projects such as Yeezus and MBDTF.