Encore – Eminem – 5.5

1. Encore/Curtains up – N/A
2. Evil deeds – 5
3. Never enough – 7
4. Yellow brick road – 8
5. Like toy soldiers – 8.7
6. Mosh – 7
7. Puke – 3
8. My 1st single – 4
9. Paul – N/A
10. Rain man – 8
11. Big weenie – 4.5
12. Em calls Paul – N/A
13. Just lose it – 6.7
14. Ass like that – 5.4
15. Spend some time – 7.6
16. Mockingbird – 10
17. Crazy in love – 8.6
18. One shot 2 shot – 7.3
19. Final thought – N/A
20. Encore/Curtains down – 8.4

This could possibly be the messiest and most mind baffling album to ever come from Eminem. There are so many bad decisions and mistakes in this album. I’ve never heard an album that contains songs that range from truly terrible to absolute genius. This is why it made rating and reviewing this album so difficult. Similar to Relapse, Encore was made during a significant period of Em’s life. From what we know now, Encore was made while Em was on drugs. And that can sometimes show during Encore. Songs like Puke, My 1st Single and Ass Like That just make me think oh my god how has this happened? How have these songs been released to the public? Who listened to these songs and said ok put them in the album? However, it must be said that songs like Mockingbird and Like Toy Soldiers almost rescue Encore from being completely disregarded from Em’s discography. Mockingbird is in my top 3 Em tracks and is everything that defines what Eminem can do: create a song that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you feel all sorts of feelings. Overall, this is an absolute shithole of an album with only a handful of songs that can be considered acceptable songs by Eminem standards.