Dark Sky Paradise – Big Sean – 8.1

1. Dark sky (paradise) – 8
2. Blessings – 8.7
3. All your fault – 8.2
4. I don’t fuck with you – 8.5
5. Play no games – 7.9
6. Paradise – 8
7. Win some, lose some – 7.6
8. Stay down – 7.9
9. I know – 8
10. Deep – 8.4
11. One man can change the world – 8.3
12. Outro – 7
13. Deserve it – 8.1
14. Research – 7.1
15. Platinum and wood – 7.8

I like Big Sean. And since I have joined the Instagram rap community I have discovered that there is a lot hate towards Big Sean. Which I think is a shame because I think Big Sean is one of the best lyricists around today. Okay, nothing he has released have been classics and he may not possess the crazy beats like Kanye or the storytelling abilities like Kendrick but Big Sean can make good music. Dark Sky Paradise pretty much sums up Big Sean: not amazing but not bad either. Somewhere in the middle. This album probably has Big Sean’s best songs in it, Blessings and I Don’t Fuck With You. Which are also the best songs on the album, apart from maybe Deep which has one of the most memorable and poignant Lil Wayne verses in recent memory. The rest of the tracks are just above average, nothing aside from those 3 tracks just mentioned really stand out to me, but in my opinion, Sean’s rapping ability is just enough to get this album from dropping below the required quality level that Dark Sky Paradise sets. Overall this is a decent album and can be considered to be Big Sean’s best work with some very listenable and enjoyable songs. I personally hope that Big Sean can stick to releasing music as good as this and not drop the bar.