Born To Die – Lana Del Rey – 8.4

1. Born to die – 8.1
2. Off to the races – 7.3
3. Blue jeans – 8.3
4. Video games – 9
5. Diet Mountain Dew – 8.2
6. National anthem – 8.9
7. Dark paradise – 7.6
8. Radio – 8.7
9. Carmen – 7.2
10. Million dollar man – 8
11. Summertime sadness – 8.8
12. This is what makes us girls – 8

This is the second album request to review. Requested by @katynells . I was excited to do this review because it’s something different to the usual rap albums I’ve been reviewing so far. And I’m a big fan of Lana Del Rey anyway so it’s a win win. Released back in 2012, Born to Die was my first introduction to Lana Del Rey and her music. What a voice she has. Listening to Lana Del Rey is a nice break from the usual rap music I listen to most of the time. This album isn’t perfect, there are some tracks that aren’t as strong as the majority of the other songs on the album. Songs like Carmen and Off To The Races let the album down. But the high points of the album are an absolute joy. Video Games is a classic and National Anthem is probably the most played song for me on the whole album. I also think that the video for National Anthem is one of the best music videos ever made with A$AP Rocky playing the role JFK with Lana playing his wife Jackie Kennedy. Overall this is a really nice chilled out summer album with some really great songs. Thank you to @katynells for the request and as ever if anyone else has a request just hit me up in the DM’s anytime.