Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight – Travis Scott – 7.9

  1. The Ends – 8
  2. Way Back – 7.7
  3. Coordinate – 8.8
  4. Through The Late Night – 8
  5. Biebs In The Trap – 8.5
  6. SDP Interlude – 7.9
  7. Sweet Sweet – 7.6
  8. Outside – 6.3
  9. Goosebumps – 7.1
  10. First Take – 7.5
  11. Pick Up The Phone – 8.7
  12. Lose – 6.9
  13. Guidance – 7.4
  14. Wonderful – 8.8

First things first. I am a huge Travis Scott fan and after the big success of debut album Rodeo (review up soon) I was very excited to hear Scott’s follow up album Birds in the trap sing McKnight. On first listen, I was a bit disappointed. Aside from the songs Coordinate, Wonderful and Pick up the Phone, nothing on Birds seemed to match the high quality of Rodeo. This isn’t a bad album by any means. It’s just good not great, which is why it’s disappointing writing this because I’m such a big fan. It’s still an enjoyable listen, there are no real bad songs, just some average and forgettable ones (Outside). I also think that Goosebumps is overrated and wouldn’t be in my top 10 Travis Scott songs. The overall feeling I had throughout listening to this album is knowing that Travis Scott is very capable of doing better than this. I only feel this way because of how good Rodeo and Days Before Rodeo were. I understand that no artist can consistently release music that is better than their previous release but the bar must stay raised. Overall this is a good album, I listen to it a lot but it’s just not great for me. Hopefully Astroworld will be an improvement. Butterfly Effect is a good start.