Beyoncé – Beyoncé – 8.9

1. Pretty hurts – 9.1
2. Haunted – 8.7
3. Drunk in love – 9
4. Blow – 8
5. No angel – 8.3
6. Partition – 9.3
7. Jealous – 9
8. Rocket – 8.5
9. Mine – 8.3
10. Xo – 8.6
11. Flawless – 8.8
12. Superpower – 9
13. Heaven – 8.1
14. Blue – 8

After Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, I felt it’s only right to make a review of one of her albums. This may not necessarily be a rap album but it’s one of my favourite albums so I feel the need to make a post about it. This is an incredible album with some really beautiful and excellently crafted songs. I love the fact that Beyoncé can just drop such an excellent album like this from out of nowhere and have the entire world press pause on their lives and see what she has done next. There’s honestly not 1 bad song on the album and has a good mix of slow and powerful songs and fast paced pop tracks. I love the themes that Beyoncé brings up such as beauty, feminism, love, intimacy, sex and death. This album is special to me personally because I have already chosen I want 2 of these songs to be on my wedding playlist and my funeral song. I’ll leave you guys to guess which songs I have chosen. Overall this is a very special album from a very special artist and human being. Quite possibly her best album.