808’s and Heartbreak – Kanye West – 8

1. Say you will – 8.1
2. Welcome to heartbreak – 8.3
3. Heartless – 8.4
4. Amazing – 7.6
5. Love lockdown – 7.9
6. Paranoid – 8.4
7. Robocop – 8.1
8. Street lights – 7.4
9. Bad news – 7
10. See you in my nightmares – 7.8
11. Coldest winter – 8.3

Kanye’s experimental middle album, themed on personal loss and bad relationships with a mix of unique beats and vibes that only Kanye West is capable of controlling. This album contains the most amount of Kanye songs that you can successfully sing along to. This is the Kanye album your parents will probably like. There are some songs that simply don’t slap as others like Bad News and Street Lights, but they both do fit in well with the sad theme of the album. Artistically, this is a very well made album. It just falls down to personal preference how you like your Kanye albums to sound and where it sits in your top Kanye albums list. Overall this is a real flex of Kanye’s artistic and creative skills and results in some really nice songs that add a different dimension to an already outstanding discography.